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1000 Miles: Walking & Painting the Way of Saint James

a portrait of the Camino de Santiago


1000 Miles: Walking & Painting the Way of Saint James

by Sharon Bamber

240 page hardback book of all 200 paintings from the journey with accompanying narrative


BOOK OF ALL 200 EXPEDITION PAINTINGS Book by Sharon Bamber 1000 Miles Walking & Painting the Way of Saint James

1000 Miles: Walking and Painting the Way of Saint James

by Sharon Bamber

240 page hardback book of all 200 paintings from the journey with accompanying narrative



1000 MILES:  Walking & Painting the Way of Saint James

Sharon’s most recent expedition; a 6-month, 1000 mile walk (1600km) through France & Spain to Santiago de Compostela alongside her donkey. Every 5 miles along the entire route she stopped, set up her easel and painted en plein air.






Sharon Bamber is an award-winning artist living in BC, Canada. She is passionate about the natural world and spends her life out in nature, painting the Living Landscape en plein air. She ‘slow travels’ extensively to undertake expeditions and project commissions aimed at capturing, communicating and engaging audiences in the stories of vulnerable species, places and individuals. Most recently, Sharon has completed a six-month 1000-mile walking and painting pilgrimage across France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela, painting every 5 miles along the journey.

Combining walking with painting on location slows down today’s hectic pace of life & lets the story of the land gradually unfold. It allows total immersion in the landscape, the weather, the passage of time – all the elements that create a sense of place. It makes me see rather than look, feel rather than analyse. It is this intimate emotional connection that I seek to share through my art – one that is uniquely felt and deeply personal, yet also one that is shared with all humanity.



All my life I have walked through a world full of amazement, joy and discovery. The rich diversity of the natural world that I discovered in childhood forged an emotional bond that has steered my direction in life. From a degree in zoology, through a career in habitat restoration to realising my true calling as an artist, I have worked to sustain and share this connection.

Today though, the findings of IPBES Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services are devastating and mind-numbing in scale. For us to be responsible for the extinction of even one species horrifies me beyond measure. I refuse though, to lose hope and be overwhelmed into inactivity. Each of us has a role to play in bringing about transformational change and even the smallest of actions can start a butterfly effect.

You can learn more about me below. You can also get to know me a little more informally in my Blog.

Tufted Trio

Tufted Trio

Tufted Trio, 12 x 16 soft pastel studio painting.

I have to admit that I love these birds and I love this painting. These 3 make me smile just looking at them. The lighting and perspective, looking up at them from below, was perfect for me, enabling me to capture their puffed-out chests and quirky characters

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