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BOOK: 1000 Miles Walking and Painting the Way of Saint James



1000 Miles: Walking and Painting the Way of Saint James by Sharon Bamber

This beautiful 240 page hardcover book is the complete collection of all 200 paintings and accompanying narrative from Sharon’s most recent expedition; a 1000-mile (1600km) walk through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela and onwards to Finisterre, alongside her donkey. Every 5 miles along the entire route she stopped, set up her easel and painted en plein air.

Each of the 200 paintings took 3 hours, the journey took 6 months.

As she walks and paints, Sharon shares her emotional response to the landscape, offering her art and narrative as a way to explore this ancient pathway. Reflecting on both the fleeting nature of the present moment and the timelessness of this ancient route, she connects us to a journey that has been continuously undertaken over generations for more than a thousand years.

Hardcover: 240 pages

 All 200 paintings that were painted on the journey, each in full colour on their own page with short accompanying narrative

 Language: English

Product dimensions: 10.25 x 10.25 x 1 inches (26 x 26 x 2.54 cm)

 ISBN: 978-1-7771339-0-0 Library & Archives Canada



You should be soooo proud of yourself and Simon and Dupon. What a Magnificent accomplishment. The book is nothing short of thrilling. I love the note you wrote next to our painting. Terry and I are so happy to have been part of such a beautiful journey. Thanks for taking us along

Suzanne S

Hello Sharon! What a treat your book is! I am so glad that I followed you along your way and now I can refollow via your book. It is stunningly beautiful! And,…what a courageous adventure you and Simon went on. Thanks so much for sharing!

Denice M

I have just been reading your book, and it’s amazing!! I love it SO MUCH! The prints are wonderful, of course, and I just adore all your writing and insights. Brilliant! Thank you for this wonderful book!

Claire P

I wanted to let you know that I received your beautiful book I had ordered.  I was so excited.  I so appreciated how well it was packaged.  The book is awesome, your work is amazing.  I’ve always wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago but my health will not allow me and so to see the landscapes you’ve captured on your journey is very pleasing.  I love, love, love your book so thank you for publishing your work in such an exquisite way.

God Bless You!

Micheline K

Your impressive book arrived and I’ve been looking at it all morning.

First of all, congratulations to you and Simon for an epic, mammoth journey made on foot.

The book is much more ambitious than I imagined, beautifully conceived and documented, very well printed.

I actually like the fact that there are few figures in the landscape.  It gives a sense of a journey of isolation.

There is a strong palette running through the pages.  How easy to flick through the book to see that.  How much more difficult to be on the journey and envisage a final product.

Although you didn’t feel jubilation at the end, you must do now, in retrospect, having achieved so much to be proud of.

Peter Delahaye

Peter Delahaye

Receiving your beautiful book was such a wonderful treat.  Even unwrapping the package was a great joy. 

I deliberated about whether to go slowly –  studying each image before moving on, in a way replicating your journey  —  but have to confess to giving in and looking quickly at each page before taking time to study each painting carefully, noting as I did some favorite images.

Now it would be tempting to view an image a day as you created them, but cannot bring myself to do that.  Am, however, going slowly because in addition to following your journey, as a fellow pastelist and former teacher I want to share your painting process and to savor your color choices…

I so much admire what you did and realize what Simon and Dupon contributed to you fulfilling your endeavor. Sincere congratulations on your achievement.  I feel great satisfaction in having contributed to the degree that I did (kickstarter backer).

Duane W

D Wakeham

The book has arrived and is beautiful. My wife Suzy and I look forward to spending a happy few hours of the lockdown following your journey in pictures over the evenings to come.

 Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us.

Mike R

Just letting you know we received the book and are very impressed with it. We are in awe of your ability to have walked and painted under sometimes trying conditions. Having walked parts of the Camino ourselves we understand what a feat that was. The paintings are beautiful and we are thoroughly enjoying our book and you should be very proud of it and your accomplishment. Kudos to your support crew. Thanks for taking us along for the adventure. It brought back many great memories.


Robert and Bev W

Hi Sharon, I just finished reading and enjoying the paintings from your book.

Boy, am I glad I was part of your Kickstarter!

What a fine, well written record of you and your husbands 1000 mile painting journey. It is a beautiful book on great paper.

I took my time reading in the evenings, joining you on your journey, though in much more comfort. It was a rest from the chaos and uncertainty of our times.

It is a treasure. Thank you and blessings to you

Louise M

I have just finished reading your book in detail and I am writing to say how much I enjoyed it. In fact I loved it all, the paintings with their explanations, the general presentation and I was with you all The Way, following you on the map. It was something I always thought we might have done a section of, but never got round to doing it, and now we don’t need to!

Magdalen R

I have procrastinated for far too long in writing this note. Your beautiful book arrived weeks ago, in perfect shape due to your careful packaging.

Tom read it right away, with warm praise for its thoughtful words and beautiful images.

I was not so quick to read it, partly because I knew it would be a Big Read once I began and I would not put it down until all the way through it. That is just what happened. Then I went back to the blog you posted during the trip, with a wider appreciation for the places and thoughts. As expected, I have come out of that humbled as an artist and with even more respect for your talents and strengths, individually and together.

It is such a stunning adventure, described in very engaging words, and the paintings are so full of life and place and beauty, that I have been wondering how to write and adequately express my appreciation of your sharing it all. I am re-reading parts now, because I am searching for some forward motion in my own work. Your daily grind is sobering to read about, while the joy you brought to your work comes through. Your love of the land you explored is so clear. I am in one of those times at the start of a new, big studio piece, and feeling adrift. So your workmanlike dedication and its terrific results are a good guide to buckling down to work.

We are so grateful to you both for taking us along through that trip and opening up our eyes and minds to the history and look of the route. It was an enormous undertaking for which you deserve significant accolades. The book is a treasure.

Jane E

Hi Sharon, your book arrived today and it is sooo beautiful. I’ve read the first section. It’s like reliving the journey. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Barbara G

I started with you in  “Le Puy en Velay” as we have been and visited, then I shivered with you in the snow in Spain.

Thank you for showing us your very brave endeavours.

Peter R

Given my prosaic nature I wondered how I would react to “1000 Miles”.  It was no surprise that admiration of your fortitude dominated!  That aside, I much enjoyed the evocative art work without pretending to appreciate it’s technical merit.  The linking narrative was both informative and captured with economy and honesty the spirit of the many way point memories of your journey.  And I was genuinely intrigued by the subliminal development of your understanding of pilgrimage which flowed therefrom.

 At first glance your beautifully presented odyssey may appear the perfect ‘coffee table’ addition to a home.  But it also deserves more thoughtful assimilation of its’ content.  I believe that you have made an indelible imprint on the genre.  Many congratulations.

D Bryant



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