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Getting Ready for a Plein Air Painting Trip

I go away on a lot of plein air painting trips. I’ve found the gear that I love, but need to pack less clothes! I’m going to have to pack a LOT less for my next trip and there’s an EXTRA SPECIAL REASON WHY – I’ll tell you soon!!!

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The Big Bend Paint-Out

Big Bend National Park is big. Really, really BIG! We covered over 200km in one day, just scoping out the painting sites. And we didn’t even go to the state park next door. There’s so much fabulous stuff to paint that you could stay there for years and not paint the same thing twice (unless you wanted to of course).

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A Focus on Colour

My painting was really about the colours – the reds of the rocky outcrops against the flush of green from recent rains and the rich blue skies. Stunning. I’ve shown my painting and the photo of the same thing. I think it’s interesting to see what the eye sees but the camera doesn’t. For all you studio artists out there, I hope it shows why you shouldn’t just slavishly copy photographs!

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sharon bamber and her donkey dupon on the 1000 mile walking and painting expedition

The 1000 Mile Walk

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