Sharon Bamber is a professional pastel artist working in the interest of conservation and species preservation.

Sharon is a committed plein-air artist, travelling extensively to undertake expeditions and project commissions aimed at capturing, communicating and engaging audiences in the stories of vulnerable species, places and individuals. She has recently completed a six-month 1000-mile walking and painting pilgrimage across France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela, painting every 5 miles along the journey.



Hi, I’m Sharon Bamber, a plein air and studio artist living in BC, Canada. I’m passionate about the natural world and art. I spend my life out in nature, painting the Living Landscape.

I warmly welcome you to my website. Because you’re reading this, I’m guessing that we share a similar bond, so I hope that you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoy painting it.

You can learn more about me below. You can also get to know me a little more informally in my Blog.

Spring Melt

Spring Melt

Plein air painting is all about being in the moment and painting what you experience and feel at that exact time and place. But being faced with a scene like this, with all its beauty, noise, movement can be pretty intimidating!

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